Wisdom Begins as Wonder

April 10, 2017

Socrates said, "Wisdom begins as wonder."  As we make our way into the woods each week, there is wonder all around, especially this time of year.  Everything is new. Buds begin to pop and green begins to peek through spots on the brown ground.  This past week was full of log balancing, art lessons with friends, whittling, lots of laughter and observations. Please join us this week, April 12, at Pavlus Pond, at 10am in the Skaneateles Conservation Area off of Old Seneca Turnpike for a day of more wonder, as we search for all that is new in nature this week.  We will begin to discuss how flowering plants grow and identify examples as we walk by the pond and off into the woods. Don't forget to bring your binoculars and pocket microscopes as we search for signs of spring. There are so many books that discuss the plant life cycle.  Here are some of our favorites: The Tiny Seed, How a Seed Grows, The Reason for a Flower, A Seed in Need: A first look at the plant cycle and From Seed to Plant.










written by Langston Hughes
So many little flowers
Drop their tiny heads
But newer buds come to bloom
In their place instead.
I miss the little flowers
That have gone away.
But the newly budding blossoms
Are equally as gay.






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