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Orenda Springs is a gold mine! This week was "snail week" here at OLL Nature Club. It is still a bit chilly for snails, but the kids did find a couple of empty shells. After a short stint on the field with some soccer and capture the flag, we convinced the kiddos to keep on hikin'! And boy was it worth it! It was a day full of discoveries: felled moss-covered logs that had to be checked out, a deciduous tree forest with moss-covered rocks and tree trunks (perfect for another installment of imaginary/pretend play with dragons and creepers and running wild through the woods), and best of all, The Amphitheater! Rock-climbing, log balancing, healthy boundary-pushing, personal safety, problem-solving at its best, team-building, sharing, communicating, kindness and empathy were all on full display this week. It is a thing of beauty to watch the kids interact and get along. Their smiles were priceless. And then, we got to feed the trout! Simply Perfect.


 The adults also reap amazing benefits, by the way! 



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