Children are Like Wet Cement

“Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression.”

As a parent, past public school teacher and now an Outdoor Life Learners mentor and co-founder, I couldn’t agree more with Dr. Haim Ginott. He was a school teacher, a child psychologist, psychotherapist and a parent educator. He understood children. He understood that children take in more than we will ever know or be able to accurately assess. I believe when we can wrap our brains around that concept, our need for constant assessing will change. Sometimes, we just can’t know!

We had a blast at Nature Club on Monday! Due to the heavy rains our plans to meet at Guppy Falls area had to change so we hopped on Facebook to alert our OLL friends and ended up meeting at our Palvus Pond at the Skaneateles Conservation Area! As we gathered in the parking lot we welcomed more new friends to our growing group! The kiddos were excited about the day and anxious to hike the quaint path leading to our outdoor classroom. Once our kiddos saw the pond they were off! OLLers constructed their own fishing poles made from surrounding grasses and sticks, explored the mud and collected a worm or two. They caught and observed a frog, swam, played Marco Polo, foraged wild blackberries and sold them in their wild edibles store. We read aloud to friends and even squeezed in some teamwork yoga! All of this learning was accomplished in under 3 hours! WOW!

As I reflect on our day at OLL Nature Club and Dr. Ginott’s quote, it seems appropriate to share a resource I referred to often while teaching. Bloom’s Taxonomy was created to help educators understand varying levels of human cognition. When looking at Bloom's Taxonomy of learning domains, Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evaluate and Create one can see clearly where today’s OLL activities land on the Triangle. OLLers tend to reside in the upper areas of the triangle perhaps due to the open ended nature of our setting and the diverse age level of the children.

We are mentors and facilitators supporting children’s learning experiences. We stand back and let them explore! They are curious, excited and interested in the activities they are engaged in! It’s a beautiful thing!

Come join us Monday’s this summer for our free nature club gatherings and see rich learning opportunities and impressions for yourself! See you outside!

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