Sometimes we need to ROLL with it

Sometimes you just have to ROLL with it right? RIGHT! That’s exactly what our Outdoor Life Learners did Monday as we toughed it out at the Camillus Unique Area, roamed on over to the Erie Canal then finally landed in a parking lot at a nearby playground all while in the gentle rainfall!

We began our morning hike at the Camillus Unique area. The trail was overgrown, soggy and buggy so we changed our plans and headed down the hill. We stumbled upon a beautiful trail back to the parking lot! The grasses grew tall which made us feel small. A magical feeling came over us as we walked along in the seemingly giant forest. Some kiddos were on the lookout for fairies while others discovered wild edibles such as wood sorrel and red clover! It was too early to call it quits so we roamed on over to the beautiful Erie Canal, because we could! But perhaps the highlight of the day was the time spent at a nearby park which had a nice playground and pavilion. Don’t be fooled, the playground was fun but the soggy puddle parking lot and volleyball sand pit had much more to offer! Our kiddos overtook the parking lot! Why not jump in muddy puddles? An impromptu game of frogger took place as kiddos tried crossing the parking lot touching only puddles. If you stepped out of a puddle you had to try again! Skipping stones, collecting stones, playing in the mud and splashing, building roads and villages in the sand were some of the creative ways our children played today.

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.” – O. Fred Donaldson

It is a beautiful thing to see children wild with curiosity and wonder of the world around them! To watch our OLLers play outside the parameters’ of the playground gave me a chuckle and made me think about the money we spend as a society on toys, fidget spinners and gadgets when all they need to do is step outside and use their imagination. My Uncle Phil, and avid hunter and lover of mother earth, looked out at the forest while on a hike with me one day and said, “that’s your playground Carrie”.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”� – George Bernard Shaw

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