Learning is rich, organic and boundless in the woods

Each week, we continue to observe in amazement how our children play in our free, ceiling-less natural setting in the woods. Their learning is rich, organic and boundless as they roam the woods enjoying their reality in the present moment. As educators we feel rich, as parents we feel blessed to offer such a learning experience for our own children and now the children in this beautiful community.

“Children have tremendous faith in the power of their dreams and imagination” Vince Gowmon

With no adult agenda other than safety, our kiddos managed to display evidence in English standards, Math and Science, Health, Career Development and even technology standards. The “Other STEM” was in full effect too as children navigated the slippery forest floor with all of its ups, downs, branches, rocks and soggy spots. OLLers used every system of their being as they created stories of dragon tales, rescued tent caterpillars, used teamwork to build a damn and create a swimming hole, they recreated the forest café which was newly dubbed the “Friendship Kitchen” complete with a “forage storage room”. They faced fears of heights, and offered encouragement to others as they too faced challenges of their own. Magic happened today and will continue to happen when we give children the space to simply be.

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