Outdoor Life Learners Summer 2017 Edition

About a year ago, we began heading out into the woods, together with our children, exploring, learning from one another and from nature. After seeing the incredibly positive impact it made on our own families we knew we were onto something special.

Our conversations would often lead to dreaming of a day when we could work together to share our love for nature, playing and learning with our community. Many pairs of wet, muddy boots later, we are ready to share our passion with others.

Beginning June 13, 2017, Outdoor Life Learners is no longer a dream.

Join us each Tuesday this summer for our signature outdoor-immersion, Drop-Off enrichment programs:

OLL Hyke Tykes - 9:15am to Noon

OLL Big Kids - 9am to 3pm

Programs start Tuesday, June 13, 2017 and continue through the end of August.

(No programs Tuesday, July 4th)

Outdoor Life Learners Summer Edition programing will run for eleven Tuesdays throughout the summer. Each week we will meet at our Summer Nature Home, on the banks of Pavlus Pond @ Skaneateles Conservation Area . After a shared time for Morning Circle and Nature Yoga, Hike Tykes (3-7 year olds) and Big Kids (6-12 year olds) will go off into their separate age-based groups and engage in child-led, interest-based activities. Unstructured Outdoor Play will be encouraged, and our mentors will weave in the day’s theme, activities and crafts as opportunities arise. Honeybees, Summer Solstice, blossoms, tree study, moths and butterflies and pond study are among a few of the themes we will explore. We will end each day with our Closing Gratitude Circle, where each child will have an opportunity to reflect on the day’s favorite moment.

During our time together each week forts will be built, trails will be hiked, pond-life explored, and campfires will be thoroughly enjoyed. Kids will naturally learn to love and respect all of life's precious elements: fire, water, clean air, and the land around them. This environment lends itself to an awareness of self and others, pushing one’s own boundaries, taking acceptable risks and learning to trust one’s own judgement. As your child plays and explores and experiences life with all the senses, many amazing skills will be acquired and refined. To make it even more meaningful, it will be done while laughing, building friendships and memories. Let them experience nature immersion at its best! We will be in the woods all summer, so come join us for 1 or all 11 weeks.

Head on over to our virtual home, to find out more details and to sign up!

See you all outside!

The OLL Team

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