The Creation of a Thousand Forests.....

At this week’s nature outing, we explored the diversity of the Pavlus Pond location on Skaneateles Conservation Area property. Its pond, surrounding woods, trails and beautiful view from the observation deck was our classroom for the study of the Plant Life Cycle. At our newly minted morning circle time, we shared with the group how a tiny seed germinates, grows roots, pushes through the soil, develops leaves, produces flowers to be pollinated by bees, bugs and wind, produces fruit, disperses its seeds and the plant dies back knowing its seeds will grow to produce next year’s plant.

It is one thing to know the plant life cycle. Anyone can memorize it. Measure your knowledge with tests. But to feel the plant life cycle is a wholly different experience. Yoga can transform an external experience to an internal one-becoming the object you discuss. In our circle, we all started small,

cramped and crouched, and slowly expanded down and pushed our way to the sun, stretching our limbs, reaching around imaginary obstacles to get to the light, to thrive…and grow.

This is a very relevant life lesson: We all start small. We all have obstacles. We all keep stretching, pushing our boundaries and comfort levels to grow and bloom. We all want to create the next generation to carry on our values. We all are a part of this big blue and green planet’s life cycle. So, we

must treat all life with respect, no matter how tiny or insignificant they may appear. You never know what life is capable of.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson simply stated, “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." Not unlike our friends the plants, we too, thrive with dirt under our feet, abundant water and sun on our face. So, keep coming out to the woods with us and we will all grow…together.

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