Where Learning Happens Naturally

We believe:

  • Kids should have the opportunity to learn in the way that suits them best

  • Kids should be allowed to learn at their own pace

  • All humans, but children especially, learn most efficiently when exposed to copious amounts of sunshine, fresh air and dirt.

  • Play is at the foundation of a child’s ability to learn. Anything.

  • Play-based learning is nothing more than a child building a concrete framework upon which more abstract concepts can later be established and developed.

  • Free, unstructured, spontaneous play, that is devoid of adult micromanagement and intervention ensures a child will develop the necessary skills for living a successful, productive life, such as grit, resilience, empathy, compassion, kindness, thoughtfulness, ability to problem-solve and work as part of a team, leadership and communication.

  • Play-based, nature-immersed learning enhances a child’s ability to learn any and all “academic skills” such as reading, writing, number sense, etc., when the child is developmentally ready.

Generally speaking, we follow the same daily rhythm whether we are working with our  OLL Nature Hike Tikesout exploring with our OLL Nature Explorers or hanging out at the nature spot of the week with our OLL Nature Club families. Every week children gather at a predetermined nature spot or hiking trail and set out to explore the area. Children are free to roam and explore and spontaneous, unstructured play is encouraged whenever possible. Adults are always onsite, nearby and on-hand. During each session, we introduce seasonally-relevant topics for discussion and additional experiential learning. While we use several different curriculums along with our original ideas to create a wonderful framework, there is ample time built in for free, child-led play and exploration.

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