at Outdoor Life Learners

Our participants learn:

Independent and group play skills: We encourage a lot of free play which gives children the option to work and play together in a group or explore their environment independently.

Fine and gross motor skills: through play with outdoor materials and through exploration of the natural world your child will develop fine and gross motor skills along with trust and appreciation of their body for all the amazing things it can do.

Problem-solving and social skills: children are encouraged to work out problems on their own under the observance of an adult who will give suggestions and step in if/when needed.This creates an opportunity for the child to practice sharing, politeness, conversation, and empathy on their own terms.  

Respect and empathy toward living things: Along with learning to be a good friend, children will be exposed to the natural world of creatures and plants and learn how they benefit us and the world we live in.

To communicate needs and feelings in a socially appropriate manner: Through peer and adult communication children will learn and be encouraged to talk through their feelings and how to manage them.  

Our staff are considered:

Mentors: We are committed to staffing our team with caring, nurturing adults, who are willing and able to forge strong relationships with each child

Role models: Our staff will teach by doing. They will model weather-appropriate dressing and fire and knife safety. They will model conflict resolution as needed, helping each child work through issues in a gentle, respectful manner. They will strive to maintain a cheerful, positive and inquisitive attitude.

Facilitators: Our staff will make materials, books, tools and nature-based experiences (hikes, tree climbing, sledding, snowshoeing, animal tracking, tree identification, pond observation, and countless other experiences) available to the children, and during every class. They will be on hand to guide children in completing tasks and accomplishing activities, always encouraging them and helping only when needed/requested by the child.

Through the Woods - Okee Dokee Brothers
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