Up to 2 hours of nature immersion themed activities followed by our signature Nature Play Challenge at a local nature area or park of choice (e.g. Marcellus Park, Skaneateles Conservation Area locations, etc), all materials/supplies needed for nature activities and 2 mentors.


*If more than 15 children, additional mentors are on hand.

up to 15 children   $175

ea. extra child        $12.50

Nature Themes Available

Hike & Play (3 and up age appropriate)

Perfect for the younger crowd. OLL facilitates a guided hike and some unstructured play within a themed-framework (e.g. Cloud Art,Tree ID, Leaf Art, Pond Life, Butterflies, Mud Masterpiece, etc.)

Nature Art (3 and up age appropriate)

For all ages. Create your own masterpiece using mostly materials found in Nature. We provide watercolors, acrylics, paper and glue. You bring the originality.

Bow and Arrow Making (6 and up)

Learn how to fashion a bow and some arrows using materials found in Nature. We provide paracord, knife safety instructions and any additional assistance. You bring your own pocket knife and the elbow grease!

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