OLL Nature Labs for Teens


Saturdays Throughout the Year!

Nature Photography

Smartphone Edition


HDR, panoramic, digital vs optical zoom, flash vs natural light, storage, printing, sharing...learn the basics of your smartphone’s camera and walk away with a lot of tools for your photography tool box.  All this while hiking  the beautiful trails of the Skaneateles Conservation Area.

Basic Survival II

Brush up on the fundamental survival skills learned in August's Teen Nature Lab: find or create a shelter using debris and also using a tarp to protect you from the elements; build a fire with only a few man-made materials or with only what nature provides you; find and purify water; identify some wild edibles in CNY; learn at least 5 essential knots, review the 5 C's needed for packing your backpack. Many new skills to be learned and interesting discussions to be had.

Basic Survival III

Round out your Outdoor Survival Skills knowledge with this third Basic Survival Nature Lab. Practice lighting an open fire in colder weather only with materials found in nature, review your 5 C’s to ensure your daypack or camping pack is equipped with all that you’ll need, learn some more handy knots and practice building shelters suitable for colder weather camping.  

Open Fire Cooking

Winter Woods Celebration

OLL’s Pre-Holiday Season Community Outreach Event


OLL special guests, staff and Teen Nature Lab participants will join forces to prepare a delicious meal over the open fire, using cast iron pots in various forms. This Nature Lab is open to the entire OLL Family (Nature Club Families, Nature Preschool/School kids, Mommy and Me participants, OLL Teens and the Amberations Community). Bring a dish to pass and/or contribute groceries for the campfire meals.


This is OLL’s way of encouraging all to continue coming out even in the cold winter months. Nature has so much to offer all year round!

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