June 26, 2017

Fear is a powerful emotion. It can keep you from experiencing life. How long have you been afraid of a particular fear? Where does it come from? Have you ever tried to change the way you see your fear?

When I was younger, I had a fear of snakes. Me! Ms. Outdoors! There...

No matter how much one may prepare and brace for Spring, no matter how much one may long for it and expect it, the onslaught of LIGHT and sun and longer days takes us by surprise. Every single year, around the end of April or beginning of May (here in Central New York,...

Orenda Springs is a gold mine! This week was "snail week" here at OLL Nature Club. It is still a bit chilly for snails, but the kids did find a couple of empty shells. After a short stint on the field with some soccer and capture the flag, we convinced the kiddos to ke...

March 12, 2017

This week was a wonderful week with our Outdoor Life Learners Nature Clubbers.  It was truly fascinating to see the children engage in so many important areas of learning.  It happened naturally.  They needed no guidance from adults and this week, absolutely ...

Once upon a time children got to learn some cool stuff in school, such as reading and writing and how to solve for x. How an inclined plane actually works and the importance of the seed cycle and the water cycle and how different colors combine to form new ones were al...

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