Every week children meet at our Nature Home. After morning gratitude and song circle, kids set out to explore the area. Children are free to roam and explore and spontaneous, unstructured play is encouraged whenever possible. At the same time, kids are encouraged to be self-aware and aware of their surroundings, in order to be safe at all times. This delicate balance is carefully and tactfully moderated by our team of skilled, nurturing mentors who are always onsite, nearby and on-hand for the duration of each class/session.

During each session, we introduce seasonally-relevant topics for discussion and additional experiential learning. Within a framework of subjects and activities developed by our experienced staff, we also strive to follow the child’s interests as much as possible. As allowed, our teachers will encourage each child to push their own limits, and discover something new about themselves, their peers and their world. The true skill of our educators lays in their ability to merge each child’s interests with the lesson plan on any given day.

While there really is no “typical day” at OLL, generally speaking we strive to include/accomplish some or all of the following, in order to meet each child’s need for a routine and to ensure a well-rounded experience:


  • Children arrive ready to run and explore and play

  • Opening gratitude and song circle

  • Brief introduction to the day’s/week’s topic (this is done in any number of ways, including but not limited to, a simple question to get their imaginations going, reading a short story, narrating a short story/tall tale or fable, a short game or a challenge for the children to solve, etc.)

  • Basic chores (clearing out fire pit, gathering wood for the daily fire, tending to the garden, etc)

  • A hike

  • Free play

  • Snack and Stories

  • More free play

  • A craft or other activity (i.e. making woodland musical instruments, setting up a “country store”, wood carving, cooking over a the campfire, etc)

* Younger kids and older kids may or may not spend the morning together, depending on what is going on that day, what interesting hike is available or what project or activity develops based on interest.

  • Lunch

  • Closing gratitude circle for our Hike Tykes

  • Hike Tykes go home and enjoy the rest of their day

  • Older kids carry on with their day’s project, a new hike or activity

  • Closing gratitude circle





To find out more information on our tuition rates, and class availability, please contact our staff.

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